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Sun, 01 Dec 2013

Nevember 25, 2013
It's been rainy here, too. The locals say that there are fifty-five "nortes" that make up the rainy season, and that we just passed number thirteen. We're right on the beach, so the storms get pretty strong. 

The upside to the rain is that the weather actually stays below ninety degrees (for the next two and a half months, or so).

Thanksgiving is a holiday that the Mexican people have yet to hijack from the U.S., so there really won't be any festivities, but I bought a new camera, so I should be able to send you some pictures of the various ways we don't celebrate on Thursday. Or maybe the other American elder who lives with us will join with me in putting something together. We shall see.
It was a fine week that culminated in a baptism, so no complaints there. Also, the weather has cooled down to be actually fairly comfortable. We're going to be well this week, too. As long as we keep our feet dry (it's the rainy season). I'm past the year and still going strong. My companion and I are going to finish out the year on a high note. I love you and hope the best. 

Elder Bryan Hall

P.S. The letter is short for time constraints.
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Nevember 18, 2013
Normally they notify us of transfers on Sunday night, we get specific instructions via email on Monday, and leave for our new areas Tuesday morning. This transfer, they notified us on Monday morning of the transfers, never sent us specific instructions, and told us to be at the bus station Tuesday before eight (which we actually were unable to do because heavy rains for two days before flooded the great city of Coatzacoalcos, and there were no ways to get across the city). It wasn't so bad for me because my new area is so close. There's usually not enough time to say good-bye to many people (which is probably one of the reasons they do the transfers as they do), but we did talk to a few people before we left. They didn't close my area; they just took my companion and me out and put our zone leaders in. And I already know my new companion (Elder Bryan García) because he was my zone leader for three transfers. He's going home in a month. And he scheduled three teaching appointments during the day today (I guess he doesn't care so much about writing home since he's going home soon), so I don't have any more time right now. I'll see if I can't write something else later in the day.
(Guess there was no time, because we didn't get another letter)

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